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Waterless Washing

Water is our most precious resource, and one that we need to conserve very carefully. Australia is the driest continent on earth, but we are one of the greatest consumers of water per capita.

It’s time to be water efficient, and everybody has a responsibility to save water, if we are going to allow future generations to enjoy a similar standard of living that we enjoy now. In fact, many of the effects associated with water use are likely to have an effect on our own lives.

WOW Wash Prestige are trying to help the environment by allowing you to save water; we can clean your car without water – saving on average 200 litres every time*. So you can feel good that you are helping our natural world, while still driving around in a car that looks great.

Unlike some ‘waterless’ car wash products or services; our exclusive cleaning products are completely SAFE and have produced spectacular results on thousands of cars. We are professional car detailers and take pride in producing results to impress you, the customer. To this extent we would never use a product or technique that could compromise the condition of any part of your car, so why waste water when you do not have to.

Our waterless washing solutions encapsulate dirt particles, lifting them safely away from the paint surface, ready for specialist super soft cloths to remove them. A layer of light wax is left behind and this is buffed by a second cloth to produce a fantastic shine. Your paintwork now has a protective coating and will stay cleaner for longer, as the dirt will find it hard to stick.

Still not sure? Why not have a look at our FAQ or testimonials for more information?

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