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A refresher detail for your vehicle inside and out – aimed at newer cars in a good condition. The outside detail includes a specialised paint cleanse to remove some of the build up, light marks and enhance the original paint colour. The inside detail includes a professional clean of the hard-to-reach areas and a show dressing for the plastic, rubber and trims. With extra attention to all areas, your car will be left looking nearly like the day you bought it.
Showroom Plus
A complete detail for your vehicle inside and out – aimed at older cars or cars that really need renewing with special attention. The outside detail includes removal of bugs and tar along with an additional hand polish to remove oxidation, light marks and revive the original paint colour, leaving a high grade wax finish. The inside detail includes a shampoo with pre-treatment for stains or a leather deep clean and condition. With this level of detail, your car will be transformed and a lot more attractive to both you and prospective buyers.
Interior Plus
A full detail just for the inside of your vehicle. Dust and dirt are removed from your surrounds, console and dash, leaving them rejuvenated with a light glow all over and a UV protectant coating. Windows and windscreen are polished for spotless vision. Seats and carpets are pre-treated and then commercially shampooed or leather has a deep clean and condition. The inside is then deodorised to bring back that new car smell.
Exterior Plus
A service for the exterior of your car that starts with a safe hand wash followed by a full Clay Bar treatment to remove any built up grime and particles trapped in or under the paint. This treatment restores that soft, smooth and silky feeling of the paint and prepares it for a super fine machine polish, to remove most if not all of the light scratches that come from poor quality washing, car washes and other abrasive materials. This treatment will have your car looking like a gleaming coloured mirror, without all those fine swirly lines and scratch marks. 
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