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With an extensive range from regular washing through to full boat detailing services for both interiors and exteriors, we have the service to suit you. In addition our total care packages can be created to encompass an ongoing program for your boat providing both regular care and peace of mind.


A range of exterior hand washing or high-pressure cleaning for all areas above the water line, including topsides and super-structures. We also offer scrubbing for non-skid areas or decks. Regular weekly or fortnightly washes can be created to encompass all or any areas of you boat.


A range of interior cleaning including windows, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, appliances, cupboards and galleys. We also clean leather and shampoo carpets and can make beds, cushions and displays.


If you are looking to revive your boat at the start of the season or perhaps you are looking to sell, we can invest the time to make her gleam and be your pride once again.

With a comprehensive selection of detailing services including for the exterior: machine cutting, polishing and buffing gel coat and fibreglass substrates to restore the finish. Specialist marine waxing; to enhance shine and protect against the harsh marine conditions. Chrome polishing to restore the sparkle and lustre. Two-part teak cleaning and brightening to renew the gold colour and a sealant to seal this in and aid protection against weathering further.

For the interior: pre-treatment of stains and commercial shampooing of carpets. Cleaning of leather and deep conditioning to prevent against cracking and ageing, and specialist glass cleaning in showers to remove residue and leave a gloss coating.

Care Programs

Designed to allow you to enjoy the time on your boat, we provide a variety of programs that provide regular care for your vessel. Initially we like to inspect the boat with you to ascertain the condition and confirm your exact requirements and timings, we then develop a schedule for you and take the hassle of upkeep away instantly. Our basic programs can just include regular washing for the outside including the chrome and clears, etc., while our premium programs can include full interior cleaning along with periodic waxing and teak treatments. We create a pro to suit your needs.

Protection Solutions

Fabric and Carpet Protection
Your carpets and upholstery can now have added protection against the elements. These areas are detailed if not new to remove all dust and dirt from seats and carpets. Two coats of protection are applied to all fabric and carpet areas to bond with and seal the fibres aiding against liquid spills. This not only protects against stains but helps against dirt build up, making fabrics last longer.

Leather Protection
Your leather can now have added protection against the elements. The seats are deep cleaned if not new to remove dirt and grim. Two coats of protection are applied to the leather to bond and coat, while still retaining all of the natural properties. This is designed to seal in the natural oils keeping the leather soft and supple, whilst protecting against fading, ageing and cracking.

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