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Improve Your Car’s Value

Did you know cars that look shiny and well cared for attract more buyers and generally sell more quickly than those looking less than their best? In addition, cars in a showroom condition usually fetch showroom prices.

So as your car is probably your second biggest asset, second to your home, why not make a small investment to see a large return? With detailing services starting from just $120, it is a small price to perhaps get your car sold more quickly or possibly add another $1000 to the selling price.

If you were looking around to buy a car, you would look at the paintwork, the condition of the seats or leather and generally notice how it was looked after? So make your car more attractive when getting it ready for sale and leave the hard work to us – we are the professionals!

Not selling your car? Why not give it an annual ‘birthday’. You might have it washed fairly regularly but I bet it has not been waxed or polished for a while. Paying a small amount for the extra protection of high grade wax or a deep leather conditioning is far cheaper than paying for paintwork or leather repairs. Australia has one of the harshest climates in the world and paint, plastics and leather are put under extreme duress, give them a helping hand and protect them – whether you choose our car detailing options or even a full paint and leather protection system, it offers peace of mind and a big return, for a small outlay.

Give us a call today and give your car a ‘birthday’ – it will feel nicer to drive and retain a higher value for longer.

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