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Care Programs

We realise that you probably have a busy lifestyle and looking after your car does not come very high on the priority list sometimes. That is why we have created a Regular Care Program that can be customised to suit your schedule.

This can take away the hassle of having to think about when to get your car washed, then having to find the time to drive to a car wash location, queue and then wait for it to be finished and then probably get stuck in traffic trying to get back home again.

Our Regular Care Program

  1. We work out the best time and day of the week for you, then schedule a regular fortnightly or monthly appointment.
  2. We will call, email or SMS you (whichever you prefer) the day before just to remind you.
  3. We turn up, make your car shine again and disappear before you know it – as easy as that.

You will receive up to 10% off our standard prices, making it even more economical to keep your car looking great.

You will receive a complimentary leather clean and condition or interior shampoo as part of your regular care program, at no extra cost.

Invoicing is automatic for you and your credit card is just charged once per month with an invoice being emailed through.

Some customers just leave their keys with PAs or security people, and we can just turn up and clean your car, so there are zero interruptions to your day.

Did you know?

  • Your car is usually your second biggest asset and can retain more value if properly cared for.
  • That car washing and detailing services can be tax deductible.
  • Your car’s paint and plastics will last longer and look better if regularly washed and waxed.
  • If you step into a nice clean car in the morning, you will have a more relaxing drive to work.
  • Guys who have clean cars are more handsome, generous and have a greater appeal to ladies. (OK, we mig
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